Breaking: Tons of fans in Ottawa denied the opportunity to watch Game 7!

Holy crap this sucks.

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In a horrible twist of fate, there are tons of fans in Ottawa who will be unable to watch tonight's Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Final between the home town Ottawa Senators and Pittsburgh Penguins.

Jon Willing of the Ottawa Citizen is now reporting that Hydro Ottawa, the cities Hydro-Electric provider, has notified residents in the Elgin, Somerset, Maclaren, Lewis, Waverley, and Delaware areas that they will be without power for some time. 

How long you ask? Well according to Willing Hydro Ottawa does not expect power to be restored until 1:30 AM EST, something that will cause all of the people in that area to be unable to watch the game unless it goes to some insane number of overtime periods. 

It's hard not to feel terrible for all the fans impacted by this horrible timing.