Breaking: Two more big names reportedly also involved in lawsuit against Dennis Wideman.

Uh oh this is not good news.

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This just went from bad news for Denis Wideman to bad news for the entire Flames organization.

We reported earlier today that National Hockey League linesman Don Henderson was suing Wideman for a stunning $10.25 million as a result of Wideman's attack on Henderson, an infraction that saw him suspended from the NHL, however there are two huge parties also involved in this suit.

TSN financial expert Rick Westhead is now reporting that the government of the province of Alberta is also a plaintiff in the lawsuit against Wideman, and furthermore that the Flames are also named as defendants in this lawsuit, indicating that they could be on the hook for this bill as well.

After the incident the Flames became the most heavily penalized team in the league, and there were many fans who blamed Wideman for that result. Add to that the fact that Wideman's performance has declined and there were many who wanted to see the Flames eject him from their roster. Unfortunately for the Calgary Flames organization it seems like they are a long way from getting past this whole situation.