BREAKING : Update on Lundqvist status, date of return.

It's happening!

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The Rangers are gearing up for the playoffs. The team is pretty much locked in and expected to face the Canadiens, if things keep going at the same pace. 

A major piece comes back in the lineup tomorrow in Dan Girardi, who's back from an ankle injury. Another guy dearly missed that will have an immediate impact is the King himself, Henrik Lundqvist. He was away from the team since the beginning of the month after a hip injury, but now he's ready to go. 

He's back! It's a good decision to keep with the plan and not get overly excited about Henrik. Some teams would be tempted to give him as much ice as possible before the playoffs, but Coach Vigneault is sticking to the plan. Antti Raanta wil start against the L.A. Kings tomorrow. 

Welcome back, sir Lundqvist!