Breaking: Very interesting name being interviewed as potential coach of the Florida Panthers.

Very interesting decision from the Panthers.

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The Florida Panthers have decided to interview a very interesting candidate for their vacant head coaching position.

According to a report from the Denver Post, head coach for the University of Denver Jim Montgomery has been interview by the Florida Panthers for the job. Montgomery spoke to the Post and confirmed the meetings had taken place and that more were expected in the coming days.

“I have spoken to Florida and I will meet with Florida over the next week to 10 days,” Montgomery said as per The Denver Post's Mike Chambers. “The date hasn’t yet been confirmed.”

Montgomery's resume at the University of Denver is best summarized by the placings from the team since he took over behind the bench. In his first season as coach the team finished sixth, in his second season they finished fourth, in his third season the finished second, and in his final season they finished first. 

Needless to say Montgomery has drawn the eye of team's in the National Hockey League, although the Florida Panthers may be the ones who give him his first shit in the NHL.

Image courtesy the Denver Post