Breaking: Veteran forward returns tonight after missing nearly two full seasons.

A big return after missing nearly two full seasons.

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A National Hockey League veteran is making a big return tonight but the whole situation gives me mixed feelings.

On the one hand it is wonderful news to learn that Ottawa Senators forward Clarke MacArthur has been medically cleared by doctors, and will be in the lineup this evening when his team takes on the Detroit Red Wings. It will be just the 5th game MacArthur appears in over the course of his last two NHL seasons, and that's where the concern comes in.

It's no secret that MacArthur has had a very rough history of concussions, and this most recent one came from what seemed like a relatively light hit from a teammate in training camp. A live game situation will be far more physical than training camp, and the fear is how MacArthur's long-term health could be impacted if he suffers yet another injury.

Hopefully he can finish his NHL career while avoiding any more blows to the head.