Breaking: Wayne Gretzky is officially back in the NHL!

After a years long feud with the league The Great One is back.

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The National Hockey League made some major announcements regarding their plans for their centennial season one stood above the rest.

For the first time in what feels like a very long time Wayne Gretzky, arguably the greatest player to ever play the game of hockey, is back within the NHL. As most of you probably know, Gretzky and the league had a less than amicable split after his involvement in the Phoenix Coyotes franchise, and it led to a years long feud between The Great One and the NHL.

On Tuesday NHL commissioner Gary Bettman made it official, announcing that Gretzky would serve as the league's centennial ambassador, a terrific announcement but one that raise many questions. The feud between Gretzky and the league was over money, and one has to wonder if the NHL finally did the right thing and compensated Gretzky to put an end to their bitter conflict.

In a very unexpected moment Gretzky even shared the stage with Bettman following the announcement.