Breaking: Young player who collapsed on the ice has had his leg amputated.

Such sad news to report.


On November 19th while he was playing as a member of the Coyotes organization, Craig Cunningham appeared to quite suddenly collapse on the ice and what would follow was a harrowing ordeal for the young man, one where there was legitimate concern he would not pull through.

Thankfully today, months later, Craig has seemingly recovered to the point where he is out of danger but it has come at a very high cost. A report from ESNP's Craig Custance has made it clear that his hockey career is now over.

From ESPN:

 On Dec. 24, fearful that an infection would complicate Cunningham's recovery, doctors amputated part of his left leg. He still has most of his leg, and he fully expects to function normally once he's fitted with prosthetics after the healing is done. But he has come to so completely trust the doctors who have cared for him that he didn't question the decision.

They said it was best to remove it. So they removed it.

The good news here is that Cunningham appears to be dealing with it extremely well due in large part that he is thankful for the fact that he is alive, something that a near-death experience will certainly help you appreciate.

Cunningham isn't done with hockey though, he says he wants to start working his way towards his new goal of working for an NHL team in some capacity, and if he can beat this he can do anything.