Brendan Gallagher returns home to Montreal to find that he has been robbed

Oof... talk about a rough 24 hours.


It's been a rough 24 hours for Montreal Canadiens forward Brendan Gallagher. 

Not only did the feisty winger have his heart broken last night after the Tampa Bay Lightning defeated the Canadiens to win the 2021 Stanley Cup championship, but when he returned home to Montreal he found that his downtown condo had been burgled. 

Check out Gallagher's TikTok post courtesy of Sportsnet analyst Justin Bourne:

The post reads:

"When your dream of winning the Stanley Cup crashes and you come home to find you've been robbed, but that's OK. Because pit bull has seen others."

I won't lie, I have no idea what the pit bull reference is about so maybe someone can help me there, but regardless of that this is awful news. I mean, talk about kicking a guy while he's already down. Gallagher spills his guts out onto the ice each and every game. He had his heart broken. He drowns his tears with teammates on a long flight back home. He gets home and probably just wants to hit the pillow and forget about everything for a bit and then what happens... he finds his home ransacked. Ouch.

More details to come.