Brendan Shanahan earns major honor

A well-deserved honor for Shanny.



One of the most important players in team history, Detroit Red Wings forward Brendan Shanahan scored scored 309 goals in nine seasons with the team after arriving in a huge trade in October of 1996 and was an integral part of their 1997, 1998, and 2002 Stanley Cup winning teams.

Having been drafted by the New Jersey Devils, he would spend the first part of his career there before being dealt to the St. Louis Blues in the deal that would send Scott Stevens to the Meadowlands. After a brief tenure with the Hartford Whalers, it was the deal to Detroit that would go on to cement Shanahan's legacy as a champion. Thanks to his accomplishments on the ice, he would be forever enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame in November of 2013. 

He decided to call it a career in 2009 and would soon find himself working as the NHL's chief disciplinarian before eventually taking control of the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

He's now earned himself another well-deserved honor by being placed into the Ontario Sports Hall of Fame alongside broadcaster Joe Bowen and 91-year-old former Leaf Pete Conacher. Additionally, being inducted are curler Marilyn Bodogh, late lacrosse legend Gaylord Powless, track star Perdita Felicien, Paralympian Jeff Adams and 2023 athlete of the year, world swimming record holder Summer McIntosh. The ceremony will take place tomorrow at Toronto's Carlu ballroom.

“Having roots here for me is important, but what’s more exciting is the people I’m going in with,” Mimico native Shanahan told the Sun ahead of the ceremony. “These were people I looked up to, in hockey and in sports in general.”

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