Brendan Shanahan wins the Internet with perfect chirp to Artemi Panarin

Shanny has spoken!

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NHL players are busy getting nice and cozy in the NHL’s “bubble” cities of Edmonton, Alberta and Toronto, Ontario ahead of the Saturday’s opening of the Qualifying Round of the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

NHL officials in Edmonton and Toronto have gone to great lengths to make things comfortable for the players and their families with catered restaurant service and first class amenities. There are even private “players only” lounges for the players to hang out in between games. 

In fact, check out New York Rangers superstar Artemi Panarin chilling before yesterday’s exhibition game against the New York Islanders:

Just… please be respectful, Breadman. Big Daddy Brendan Shanahan is watching you…

How priceless is that?!

Shanahan, the Toronto Maple Leafs' President, obviously doesn't take to kindly to strangers coming into his house and playing by their own rules. Can't say I blame him though... it's almost as if Panarin doesn't respect wood.

Don't tell me you respect wood, Breadman!