Brenden Dillon destroys Sam Reinhart in one-sided beatdown.

Brenden Dillon destroys Sam Reinhart in one-sided beatdown.

Winnipeg Jets defenseman Brenden Dillon force fed Florida Panthers forward Sam Reinhardt a heavy diet of punches.

Jonathan Larivee

Fighting in the National Hockey League can be a great way to either stick up for yourself or for a fellow teammate, but it can also be a great way to find yourself in a world of hurt in very short order.

On Friday night, Florida Panthers forward Sam Reinhart bit off more than he could chew when he made the decision to drop the gloves with Winnipeg Jets defenseman Brenden Dillon. Dillon is no stranger to the rougher side of the game and has already racked up an impressive 36 penalty minutes in just 19 games this season, and he would prove to be a gross mismatch for Reinhart.

After a bit of a back and forth in front of the net, the two men would move towards the corner and proceed to drop the gloves. From that moment Reinhart was hanging on for dear life as Dillon pummeled him with some hard shots to the face, including a pair of nasty looking uppercuts that rocked the Panthers forward.

We never got to see any real offense from Reinhart throughout the relatively short exchange, but Dillon made sure he doled out the punishment he felt Reinhart had earned himself. No question who won this battle, as it was a one-sided beatdown on the part of Brenden Dillon.

Dilly Destroys Reinhart from Matt on Vimeo.