Brent Burns and Bobby Ryan both yell “Aw F**k! After being hit by the puck seconds apart.

Two hilarious bloopers from both men seconds apart.

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While you certainly don't want to laugh at anyone that is in serious pain, this moment between two National Hockey League veterans last night is nothing short of hilarious.

When you have tons of cameras and microphones trying to capture every minute detail of the game sometimes some bad words will make their way onto the hot mic, and that's exactly what happened after both Ottawa Senator Bobby Ryan and San Jose Shark Brent Burns were caught cursing on Wednesday night.

Both men were struck by the puck just mere seconds apart from one another, and what makes the situation so funny is the fact that they both had the exact same reaction. they both yelled out "Aw F*ck!" as they were struck by the puck, but in true hockey player fashion brushed it off like it was nothing seconds later.

Here's the video.