Brian Boyle drops the gloves and makes huge statement in exhibition game!


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Florida Panthers’ veteran forward Brian Boyle does not care if no one is in the stands. He wanted to get his club going, and decided he had had enough in the third period of his club’s exhibition game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. 

The Bolts took an early four-goal lead with the Panthers unable to get on the board, and Boyle’s patience grew thin. During the third period, as the Panthers were fighting hard to get back into the game, Boyle’s temper boiled over when Lightning defenseman Mikhail Sergachev started slashing his legs. 

Boyle took the opportunity to get his team going, despite no one in the crowd cheering the for the Panthers’ forward to drop the gloves, and started a fight with the young blue liner. 

Boyle landed some good shots just to remind his team they need to fight hard to stay in the postseason this time around. 

And to think some fans and pundits wonder if Boyle was even going to take part in the postseason. Boyle, of course, was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia in 2017. He has been in full remission since October 2018 but could face a higher risk than the general playing population. No matter what, he showed up to camp and as just showed that he is a real fighter! 

The game got more and more intense as both teams pushed and shoved one another : it was easy to see the rivalry between the two clubs.