Brian Burke gets destroyed by fan after threatening relocation!

This guy is a legend.

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I honestly can't remember the last time a National Hockey League team executive got trolled this bad during a press conference.

As many of our readers will know, on Wednesday Calgary Flames president Brian Burke told a season ticket holder that there was a real possibility the Calgary Flames could be relocated if they did not get a new arena deal.

Needless to say there was at least one man in attendance who wasn't very happy with that announcement, and that resulted in Burke getting trolled in spectacularly hilarious fashion.

Speaking about why the Flames should get a new arena deal from the city of Calgary, Burke stated  the following:

"Most intelligent people get this argument."

A little arrogant on his part perhaps, but you can bet his ego was quickly deflated when he was hit by this brilliant one-liner from the fan in the crowd:

"Most intelligent people know how to tie a tie."

The man who made the comment was reportedly interview after the fact, we will be trying to bring you that interview when it becomes available as well.