Brian Burke has landed a new hockey job

He’s back in the game.



On the heels of their having missed the Stanley Cup Playoffs this past spring for the first time since Sidney Crosby’s rookie season of 2005-06, the Pittsburgh Penguins broomed out their front office of general manager Ron Hextall as well as president of hockey operations Brian Burke and assistant general manager Chris Pryor.

But now, he’s back in the game as much more than just an analyst, which he served as during the postseason on Sportsnet. 

According to NHL Insider Ian Kennedy, Burke is back in the game and will be working in the Professional Women's Hockey League Players' Association (PWHLPA) in a leadership position.

He wrote the following:

”Brian Burke will take a leadership role for the Professional Women's Hockey League Players' Association (PWHLPA) sources tell The Hockey News. He'll be a guiding voice for the union for multiple seasons sources confirm.”

Burke has been a mainstay in the hockey world for decades, and it’s almost impossible to see him in any other field.

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Source: Twitter