Brian Burke makes ridiculous prediction about Auston Matthews!

He even dares to wager big money! Wanna bet he loses?

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Brian Burke is not a fan favourite and the guy probably lost more credibility on Monday when he made courageous predictions on the air Prime Time Sports on Sportsnet

The controversial analyst originally joined the show to discuss Mitch Marner’s contract situation and the one of other restricted free agents’, but ended up getting caught up in stoking fear into fans as he believes Auston Matthews may consider leaving the Maple Leafs at the end of his contract.

He even went on to wager a lot of money to support his prediction, explaining that Matthews will indeed leave the organization due to “tax reasons”. Check out what Burke had to stay in this video below: 

However, someone need to remind Burke this is five years from now. A lot can happen… 

What if the Leafs become Cup champion? What if Matthews ends up wearing the C on his jersey? What if he marries a hot Toronto girl? At this point, there is absolutely no more reason for Matthews to leave at the end of his contract than there is for any other player.

We can understand that Burke wants to get some attention before the start of the 2019-20 season, but that was just a ridiculous call to make on the air of Sportsnet… 

Let’s all remember that Matthews just signed his contract and appeared to be please to be a key member of the team. Burke - as we all know - isn’t a fan of the management under Kyle Dubas’ reigns and might just be angry that he is no longer the general manager of the Leafs. 

He never managed to lock down a star player like Matthews and thinks no one in Toronto can hold on to him. Well, as I see it, this is a five year from now problem and something no one should worry about now. 

Anyone care to let Burke know? I'd let to bet he will lose a lot of money if someone remembers in five years from now...