Bruce Boudreau details revenge plot against NHL referee.

Bruce Boudreau details revenge plot against NHL referee.

The loveable Bruce Boudreau apparently had a dark side, one that resulted in him taking revenge on an NHL referee.

Jonathan Larivee

Veteran National Hockey League head coach Bruce Boudreau is a pretty well respected man around the league and, perhaps more importantly, he is also someone that is beloved by fans for his good nature and seemingly kind personality.

All this to say that you would never really believe that the loveable Bruce Boudreau had a dark side to him.

During a recent interview, the loveable Boudreau would go into great detail about a revenge plot he hatched to get back at one NHL referee in particular. What made this story so interesting is that Boudreau and the official in question were neighbors at the time.

"We played Philadelphia in Game 7 when we were in the playoffs," began Boudreau. "The referee was Paul Devorski and he's my next door neighbor, my actual next door neighbor in Hershey."

As fate would have it, Devorski would make a number of bad calls against Boudreau and his team which pushed the veteran head coach over the edge.

"So what happened is [the Flyers] score their first goal and it's an absolutely ridiculous goaltender interference, he doesn't call it," revealed Boudreau. "Then he calls a penalty on us in overtime, and they score in the overtime."

As you might expect Boudreau wasn't too happy with the guy that just so happened to live right next door.

"I'm livid right?" admitted Boudreau. "And he's my next door neighbor. So I say to my wife 'You know what I'm still sour.'"

And this is where the revenge plot would begin, one in which Boudreau and his wife behaved like a couple of vengeful teenagers

"So me and my wife we went into the bathroom," began Boudreau. "We got like a Walmart bunch of toilet paper and we went and TP'd his whole house. His trees, everything, everything that was in there and it stayed for 2 days."

Boudreau goes on to admit that he and his wife would confess their crime to Devorski a few days later and even cleaned up the mess themselves but let this be a warning to any referees looking to cross the path of Bruce Boudreau, unless you want your home covered in TP.