Bruce Boudreau rips into his team following “most embarrassing” loss.

Brutal criticism from Boudreau.

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It's never a surprise to see a surly National Hockey League head coach addressing the media after a tough loss, however it's not every day that you see an extremely experience head coach admit that it was one of the worst moment's of his career. 

On Monday night following an ugly loss to a depleted Boston Bruins roster, Minnesota Wild head coach Bruce Boudreau took a brutal shot at this team's performance, specifically through the first two periods of the game. 

"The first two periods, that was probably the most embarrassing two periods I’ve been involved with in a lot of teams." 

It's a damning statement from a man who has coached over 775 games in the National Hockey League, and one that you would hope would resonate with his team given the severity of the criticism being dealt out. 

Boudreau even went on to imply his team was incompetent by comparing them to the Keystone Cops.

"It’s like Keystone cops out there. Guys that know how to play hockey aren’t playing very well."

Harsh comments from an obviously frustrated head coach.