Bruce Boudreau takes a shot at Canucks' management in final post-game interview.

Shots fired?

Jonathan Larrivee
Jonathan Larrivee
Published 8 months ago
Bruce Boudreau takes a shot at Canucks' management in final post-game interview.
Bob Frid/USA TODAY Sports

The Bruce Boudreau saga appears to have finally reached its conclusion with reports indicating that Boudreau has already coached his final game behind the bench of the Vancouver Canucks.

In spite of the fact that most outside observers feel Boudreau has been given a raw deal by the Canucks organization throughout the season, Boudreau has, much to his credit, handled the entire sordid affair with both class and dignity as rumors about his future behind the bench have circulated for weeks now.

Following the conclusion of Saturday night's game against the Edmonton Oilers, believed to be Boudreau's final game as head coach in Vancouver, Boudreau did finally appear to let his guard slip with one parting shot at the management team that has really bungled this entire fiasco. Boudreau hinted at the fact that the timing of this move may not have been a coincidence, with a pretty soft schedule over the next few games for the Canucks.

“I don’t know the reason I’m still here," admitted Boudreau after the game. "Maybe because Chicago, Seattle and Columbus are next.”

While the Seattle Kraken have been a dangerous looking team this season, the same cannot be said of the Chicago Blackhawks and the Columbus Blue Jackets who are two of the worst teams in the entire National Hockey League at least as far as the standings are concerned. It appears that Boudreau is implying management did this deliberately to try and make their new hires look good by handing them what should be a couple of easy wins in their first few games behind the bench.

Even despite that parting shot at management however, Boudreau still showed tremendous class by ending the comments with well wishes for those who will replace him behind the bench.

"To the new group, good luck," said Boudreau.

Given the way the Canucks' organization has been run this season, they may need it.