Bruce Boudreau throws Canucks management under the bus.

Bruce Boudreau throws Canucks management under the bus.

The former head coach of the Vancouver Canucks spills the beans on his time in Vancouver.

Jonathan Larivee

It can't be easy for former Vancouver Canucks head coach Bruce Boudreau to see the Canucks achieve so much success this season under the leadership of the man who replaced him, current Canucks head roach Rick Tocchet, and he may have let a little bit of those sour grapes slip during a recent appearance on the National Hockey League's NHL Network.

Boudreau was speaking with the NHL Network's Jackie Redmond as well as former NHL goaltender Kevin Weekes when he threw an unnamed member of Canucks management under the bus. Although Boudreau did not name the person in question, he made it very clear that he was interfered with repeatedly during his tenure behind the Canucks bench and in some cases in rather outrageous fashion.

"I've gotta say this for the first time on TV," began Boudreau. "I'm not gonna say who but somebody in that Vancouver organization tried to make me make Quinn Hughes a center last year."

That is a wild claim for Boudreau to make and an especially wild one for him to make publicly on the NHL Network. Despite that Boudreau was insistent on getting his story out, stating that it was something he had been dying to get off his chest.

"I've wanted to say that one thing for almost a year now... but I would sit there and shake my head," admitted Boudreau.

It is clear that Boudreau and the Canucks did not part ways amicably and there may even be some of that bad blood tainting Boudreau's comments here. If that is indeed the case this may not be the last behind the scenes story we get from the former head coach of the Vancouver Canucks.