Bruins broadcaster Jack Edwards now called to be fired!

“Go home, Jack.”


Boston Bruins broadcaster Jack Edwards is trending again. And you already know it for the wrong reasons…

On Tuesday night during the Bruins’ game against the visiting Tampa Bay Lightning, Edwards called out three time Stanley Cup champion Pat Maroon for tipping the scales at 238 pounds.

“Listed at 238 pounds. That was Day One of training camp and I have got a feeling he’s had a few more pizzas before then and now.”

NESN’s Andy Brickley weighed in as well and joked that his listed weight was prior to his pregame meal. It prompted Edwards to go on a fasting tangent.

“Inadvertent fasting for Pat Maroon is like going four hours without a meal,”cracked Edwards. “But hey three Cups in a row who can argue with his formula?”

Fans, pundits and insiders cannot believe Edwards went too far. Daily Face-Off’s Frank Seravalli took on social media to ask for the Bruins’ broadcaster to be fired, saying: “A blowhard broadcaster fat-shaming a professional athlete and three-time Stanley Cup champion. Pat Maroon doesn’t deserve that. No one does.”

He adds: “Go home, Jack. You actually sound drunk.”

Fans also sent Edwards some polarizing reactions about his words. Fat-shaming in the game? Come on Jack, grow the hell up.