Bruins fan that said he’ll take on “Any Canadiens fan… or liberal” finally has an opponent!

​The fight takes place tonight!

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BarStool Sports has planned yet another boxing event with Rough n’ Rowdy 10 scheduled to take place tonight at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, Rhode Island. 

The premise is simple: pit amateurs against each other in a boxing ring. The BarStool crew has managed to book a Cowboys fan vs a Patriots fan and an Astros fan vs a Red Sox fan. And there was this guy… 

As you may remember one Boston Bruins fan, Electric Boogaloo made a video to find “Any Canadiens fan… or liberal” to on at the event. Well, he has found his rival, who is ready to cross two things off his bucket list. 

Here is what the Canadien had to say: 

“I’m about to cross 2 things off my bucket list… Punching a Trump supporter AND a Bruins fan right in the face!”

Who are you rooting for? Electric Boogaloo or the Canadien?