Bruins fans chirp Sidney Crosby ahead of the Winter Classic.
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Bruins fans chirp Sidney Crosby ahead of the Winter Classic.

Bruins fans speak their mind!

Jonathan Larivee

The Boston Bruins and the Pittsburgh Penguins will face off just a few short days from now in what will be the 2023 Winter Classic, set to be held at historic Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts in what will be a meeting, and perhaps a clash, of two historically blue collar fan bases.

The merger of the two fan bases should provide for a terrific atmosphere at Fenway Park on Monday afternoon and if there was any doubt about that we got a little preview of it over the weekend

Recently fans on the streets of Boston were asked to share their thoughts about Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby and needless to say there was plenty of bad blood to go around. Not only did the fans give Crosby, who appeared in the form of a cardboard cutout, an earful, but the Penguins captain was even assaulted at one point during the video.

"I hate you Sidney Crosby! Stay out of my town!" screamed one very animated Bruins fan.

"You're a baby Sidney, you'd be a lot better of an athlete if you just played the game and played it hard like it's supposed to be played. This is hockey!" said another.

"Nobody likes this guy, nobody likes this guy," said yet another Bruins fan with a laugh.

"You're a bum, Crosby!" exclaimed one female fan.

It wouldn't be anywhere close to fair to characterize the interactions as all bad however as Crosby also received a ton of love and respect from a number of Bruins fans as well.

"Stop that Crosby's the man!" yelled one Bruins fan who refused to chirp the Penguins captain.

"He's killing it, you gotta love the guy. He's good for the game," said another passerby.

"You are talented but I hope they kick the you know what outta you alright?" said one admirer, a loyal Bruins fan.

There were plenty more hilarious interactions from a number of different fans on the street, all of which you can see in the short clip below.