Bruins fans start fighting in the stands at TD Garden!

This is a viscous fight… all between Bruins fans.

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The skates were high last night as the Boston Bruins tried to get the lead into the Stanley Cup final, but failed to get the win over the Blues, who are heading back to St. Louis with the 3-2 win. 

They could win the first championship in franchise’s history on Sunday in Game 6. 

Bruins fans were happy with the results and the intensity and physicality of the game unfolded into the crowd when a few men started pounding on one another over some ridiculous argument. 

After calling out names and spilling beer, two men started fighting in the stands, while another couple of guys decided to trade off blows. It got so intense that the person filming, who sent the footage to Blues reporter Benjamin Hochman, had to stop filming to get to safety. 

There was a lot to be mad about if you are a Bruins fan in this contest, especially seeing that David Perron’s game-winning goal for the Blues came on a terrible miscall by the referees. 

However, these fans need to understand something: they are all rooting for the same team. They should get on the same page. 

This is ridiculous. Stay classy, Boston. I bet these fools were ejected from the game and ending up spending a lot of money on tickets and booze, only to spend the night in jail.