Bruins finally provide an update on injured veteran David Backes.

First news on Backes since the Sabourin incident.

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The Boston Bruins provided some big time injury updates on Sunday, including news that will impact 5 of its current roster players moving forward. The big story from Boston Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy however was the head coach's first real update on the status of injured veteran forward David Backes since the infamous Scott Sabourin incident that took place a week ago.

Backes won the respect of countless fans around the league last week after an unfortunate collision between him and Ottawa Senators forward Scott Sabourin resulted in arguably the scariest moment we've seen all season. Sabourin and Backes knocked heads together after what was a perfectly legal body check, and unfortunately for Sabourin he got the worst of it when he was knocked unconscious by the impact of that collision. Of course it wasn't the hit that garnered Backes the respect of thousands of fans around the league, but rather the way that the veteran National Hockey League forward reacted to the incident. 

Backes' concern for Sabourin's health was immediately apparent in both his actions and in the emotions betrayed on his face. Backes quickly signaled for help after the initial contact and could be seen in tears on the Bruins bench before he himself was pulled out of the game by the NHL's concussion spotters, spotters who in this case appear to have been spot on in their ability to recognize a potential problem with Backes. That was the last we saw of Backes and other than an update a week ago to suggest that Backes would be missing time moving forward we had heard nothing regarding his health or status, at least until today. 

Thankfully Cassidy was able to provide some good news and indicated that Backes was finally feeling better, and in fact was on hand at Warrior Ice Arena although it is still unclear in what capacity. Cassidy would not however comment on when Backes would return to the Bruins lineup, but at this point any good news is going to feel pretty good given the circumstances.

"He's here [at Warrior]. Feeling better. No further update on return to play," said Cassidy as per"

Cassidy had more good news to deliver on the day as well when he revealed that both Joakim Nordstrom and Par Lindholm were expected to make their returns from injury prior to the Bruins facing the Philadelphia Flyers on Sunday night. In fact the only bad news came when Cassidy provided an update on injured Bruins forward Jake DeBrusk.

"He got evaluated. He's out…my guess is he's probably looking at the weekend. Better idea when we get to those practices Wednesday and Thursday," said Cassidy.

We of course wish them both a full and speedy recovery, and we will be keeping you up to date on their status as updates become available.