Bruins GM calls out officials, the NHL and Player Safety.

Bruins GM calls out officials, the NHL and Player Safety.

The general manager of the Boston Bruins has called out the Department of Player Safety.

Jonathan Larivee

The general manager of the Boston Bruins is not happy.

After a number of controversial officiating decisions in the second round Stanley Cup playoff series between the Boston Bruins and Florida Panthers, Sweeney announced that he would be holding an impromptu press conference on Monday. Many suspected that Sweeney would be speaking publicly to call out the National Hockey League and it's Department of Player Safety, and as it turns out that speculation was spot on.

Sweeney came out swinging on Monday, immediately calling out the poor job the officials on the ice have done in this series. Although Sweeney didn't openly criticize the referees themselves or any specific calls, he made it very clear that the only reason he wasn't doing so was due to existing NHL rules.

"We’re not in a position to be criticizing the officials," said Sweeney. "That’s standard protocol. We’ll get fined, so there’s no intention of doing that."

Sweeney also expressed how he felt it was unfair that Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery was forced to answer questions about calls on the ice, while being entirely powerless to criticize the officials for fear of the same penalties that Sweeney mentioned previously. Instead Sweeney suggested that the officials themselves should be forced to face the media and answer for their calls on the ice and upon video review.

"The people that make that call should answer it," said the Bruins GM.

The most damning comments from Sweeney however came in regards to the injury to Bruins captain Brad Marchand. Sweeney openly called out the NHL for withholding the reverse angle from the Bruins until just prior to Game 4, when it was seen by the rest of the general public.

Sweeney had a lot to say and there is no doubt a legion of Bruins fans echoing the same sentiments that he expressed here today. Whether or not that will lead to any meaningful changes from the NHL remains to be seen.