Bruins hold disciplinary meeting with Marchand following media misconduct

In hot water with his team, again!

Bruins hold disciplinary meeting with Marchand following media misconduct

Brad Marchand can be quite the multi-tacker: while he managed to help the Boston Bruins reach the Eastern Conference finals by getting past the Columbus Blue Jackets in round 2, the pest has once again made headline for his antics that make him such a detestable player around the league. 

It all started prior to Game 2 against the Jackets when Sportsnet reporter Kyle Bukauskas made an inappropriate joke about Marchand sharpening his skates, he who was caught red handed stomping on Cam Atkison’s stick in Game 1 in order to break it while standing near the face-off circle. Marchand did not appreciate the comment and ever since has given short quick answers to Bukauskas, preventing him from doing his job. 

After Columbus’ elimination on Monday night, Marchand was back at it again and took the gimmick a step further by answering the same way to the rest of the media crew once in the dressing room. 

After the interviews, the Sportsnet panel was quick to criticize Marchand and his immaturity. Ron MacLean and the rest of the insiders agreed that the NHL should fine Marchand for his ridiculous actions and encourage the rest of the media to stop laughing at the Bruins pest’s comments.

It seems like the Bruins somewhat agree with how bad Marchand is making them look… 

It seems like the Bruins have once again had enough of his antics as head coach Bruce Cassidy revealed on Tuesday that a meeting was going to take place so the Bruins can address his misconduct. However, Cassidy also pointed the blame to Bukauskas, whom he said media obligations should be professional on both sides.

"It's something we'll address. We always do. We talk to all our players when we have situations that arise that become a little more public than we would like."

It remains to be seen if that will do anything to Marchand, who will have a few days to cool down and get over his feud with Bukauskas…