Bruins insider believes management “should be fired on the spot” if they make this trade.

Insider furious the Bruins are considering this deal.

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One Boston Bruins insider is furious, furious enough to be calling for people to be fired.

After reports surfaced earlier this week that the Bruins were once again considering the acquisition of forward Gabriel Landeskog , Bruins insider Joe Haggerty went off on Bruins management. It's not the fact that Haggerty doesn't believe in Landeskog as a player, although he has his doubts, but it's the price that the Bruins are reportedly considering for the move, defenseman Brandon Carlo, that Haggerty objects to.

"Bruins management should be fired on the spot if they trade Brandon Carlo to get something to try and put them over the hump this year," said Haggerty.

It has to be said that Haggerty has received some backlash for his comments so it's not like everyone agrees with him here. Bleacher reports Adrian Dater appeared to be on board with the move as he defended the trade talks from Bruins management.

"Luv ya Haggs, but getting a 23-year-old former Calder winner, twenty plus goal scorer every year of his career is short-term thinking?"

If Carlo gets traded, expect Haggerty to go off on Don Sweeney and company.