Bruins' Johansson struggles to get off the ice following high-speed collision with Ferland!

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Forward Marcus Johansson's history with concussions makes this solid hit harder to watch... 

During the first period of the contest between his Boston Bruins and the Carolina Hurricanes, Johansson was levelled by Micheal Ferland during a high-speed collision and ended up flat on the ice. While the hit was clean, shoulder to shoulder, the impact appeared to be too much for poor Johanssson, who has suffered many concussions during his NHL career. 

The sad thing is that once the Bruins trainer and his teammates attempted to help Johansson off the ice, the poor forward couldn't sit straight and had to take more time to properly settle down and get back on his feet. 

He headed straight to the dressing room. 

Not long after Johansson suffered the injury, David Backes stuck up for his teammate by dropping the gloves with Ferland. Backes has been quite physical for the past few days and managed to send Ferland out for repairs as well. 

The New Jersey Devils traded Johansson to the Bruins at the deadline. In exchange, the Devils are acquiring a second-round pick in 2019 and a fourth-round pick in 2020. Boston is surely hoping their new acquisition can remain healthy for the playoff run. 

On January 23, 2018, Johansson suffered a concussion after a dirty elbow from his now teammate Brad Marchand. The Bruins all-star forward was suspended five games by the NHL, but Johansson was forced to miss the rest of the regular season due to severe symptoms from concussion syndrome.

We'll provide an update on Johansson's injury as soon as we can... The team did announce that he would not return to tonight's game: