Bruins keep things secret ahead of Game 1 against Maple Leafs.

Bruins keep things secret ahead of Game 1 against Maple Leafs.

Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery was pressed on some decisions, but the Bruins aren't talking.

Jonathan Larivee

The Boston Bruins will once again clash with the Toronto Maple Leafs in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs and when it comes to a pair of opponents this familiar with one another, every little advantage can help.

It seems the Bruins will be trying to squeeze out every little advantage they can when facing the Maple Leafs in Game 1 on Saturday night, including keeping some of their roster decisions entirely secret for as long as possible.

Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery was asked about which of the Bruins' two netminders, Linus Ullmark or Jeremy Swayman, would be getting the nod in Game 1, but the Bruins head coach refused to reveal which goaltender he has selected to lead the charge for his team.

"We have decided but we're not sharing it with you guys," said Montgomery of his starting netminder for Game 1. "I think [Don Sweeney] explained it great yesterday."

Bruins general manager Don Sweeney spoke to the media the day prior to Montgomery making his comments and he was also asked about the Bruins goaltending situation. Sweeney, like Montgomery after him, also played coy and avoided sharing any information about who may get the start for Game 1. Sweeney would only confirm that those who need to know about the decision, already know.

"We’re very confident in our goaltending," said the Bruins GM. "The noise that goes on outside is not necessarily filtered as much inside as what people may believe because our goalies know what the plan is and we're comfortable with it."

Game 1 kicks off later tonight, so it won't be a secret for much longer.