Bruins kid caught on camera taunting Jonah Gadjovich.

Bruins kid caught on camera taunting Jonah Gadjovich.

Florida Panthers forward Jonah Gadjovich found himself in the penalty box, but he had an extra annoyance to contend with.

Jonathan Larivee

This kid may want to keep looking back over his shoulder for a while, just in case there might be an angry Jonah Gadjovich coming up behind him.

On Saturday, we were treated to a rather amusing interaction between a young fan of the Boston Bruins and the aforementioned Jonah Gadjovich after the Florida Panthers forward was called for a penalty roughly midway through the third period of a clash between the Panthers and Bruins. Gadjovich got his stick up high and there was little doubt about the call, but he couldn't have expected what awaited him when he reached the penalty box.

A young Bruins fan was sitting in a seat directly behind that penalty box and, in spite of the fact that he seemed quite young, took upon himself to mercilessly taunt Gadjovich as he was forced to sit in the box during his penalty. Thankfully as the broadcast returned from a commercial break the cameras were rolling, and the trolling from this young Bruins fan was caught live.

Once the older gentlemen sitting next to the kid realized what was happening he put his arm around him to calm things down a bit, but he didn't seem the least bit upset that the young Bruins fan had been taunting the opposition.