Bruins’ McAvoy is extremely upset about losing Krug

This won't help the tension already present in Bruins’ dressing room…

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It has been a tough couple of months for the Boston Bruins, ever since they were ousted from the postseason by the eventual Stanley Cup champions Tampa Bay Lightning. It began to go downhill when star goalie Tuukka Rask left the Toronto bubble and his team to go back home to be with his family as his daughter wasn’t well, and we all know how much chatter emerged from that. 

This is already a cause for concern in the Bruins’ dressing despite head coach Bruce Cassidy stating that the team will put the Rask incident behind them and move on for the upcoming season. There is tension no doubt in Boston and more was added on Tuesday when defenseman Charlie McAvoy opened up on the “Cam and Strick” podcast. 

The young blue liner revealed how devastated he was when he found out that the Bruins had not re-sign teammate Torey Krug, who ended up signing a long-term deal with the St. Louis Blues during free agency. 

“I am so sad that he isn’t part of the team anymore. It’s going to be hard to see that he’s not here at the next training camp. He is a talented player, especially offensively. He's going to help the Blues become a great hockey team.
"Torey Krug was among the first to take me under his wing, as soon as I made it to the Bruins," he added. “He's an amazing, lovable guy.”

Clearly, McAvoy is going to miss his old teammate, who revealed after signing with the Blues that the Bruins had not offered him a deal in the past year and that there was no communication between the two parties before he hit free agency. 

If McAvoy knows about this, we bet he’s even more upset about his departure. 

The Bruins need to get their sh*t together for the upcoming season. Maybe a lot of wins will comfort McAvoy about losing his friend in Boston.