Bruins not happy with Pastrnak after blowing off 14 day quarantine

Bruins’ president Cam Neely is NOT happy with his superstar sniper.

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# Neely: Bruins not happy with Pastrnak after blowing off 14 day quarantine
The Bruins’ president is NOT happy with his superstar sniper.

In case you missed it last week, the Boston Bruins officially opened their training camp in preparation for the NHL’s Return to Play early next month but there was one star player conspicuously absent: David Pastrnak.

Pastrnak was reportedly put into quarantine by the Bruins after coming into contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. Pastrnak tested negative though, according to player agent J.P. Barry.

Still, neither he nor Bruins forward Ondrej Kase have been allowed to practice with the team or partake in training camp and that’s something that Bruins president Cam Neely isn’t exactly thrilled about.

When asked when Pastrnak might join his teammates Neely replied, “It’s hard to say right now. My best guess would be [they will practice] in Toronto. There are hopes that it will be before we leave [Boston], but my best guess is Toronto.”

Neely would go on to say that he wished both Pastrnak and Kase made better decisions when it comes to the company they keep. The pair were seen socializing and skating together locally in Boston before the Bruins’ training camp officially opened. Evidently the pair were not in quarantine as they were meant to be since arriving from their native Czech Republic.

“When we had the day that camp was starting and we knew that some players were going to have to quarantine when they got here, you’d kind of hoped they would have gotten here [to Boston] a little earlier. But we really didn’t have any say in that. That was really left up to the players,” said Neely. 

“Obviously with what has played out and transpired, you would have hoped that some different decisions were made. But in the long run, I don’t know if it’s going to affect us once we get into Toronto. I think we’ll be fine.”

That sounds to me like a man who is choosing his words very, very carefully. 

“Everybody needs to adjust, as we know. I don’t want to say it’s the new normal. I hope it’s not the new normal and we can get out of it at some point. But right now, it’s just the way we have to live and it’s frustrating for everybody. But this is what we’re in.”

The message is clear: Learn to live within the new rules or risk being left out.