Bruins prospect no longer allowed to play!

An unfortunate situation for the young man.



One particular member of the Boston Bruins organization finds himself in hot water. 

19 year old prospect Cole Spicer is now ineligible to participate in the remainder of his team's games at the University of Minnesota thanks to academic struggles. 

"#NHLBruins prospect Cole Spicer (#27 on Bruins Benders Top 30) is academically ineligible at Minnesota-Duluth and out for the remainder of the season. 5-4-9 in 17 games for the 19-year-old who was a 2022 4th round pick"

He had scored five goals with four assists in 17 games played.

One particular line out of the classic Robin Williams film "Mrs. Doubtfire" particularly hits close to home in this situation for Spicer: 

"Young men who don't do their studies often miss out on more amusing activities."

This could be the kick in the pants that often young players need in order to get their focus back on track. Hopefully, he's able to rebound from this tough situation. 

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Source: Twitter