Bruins release devastating update on Matthew Poitras

He will not be playing any time soon.



Fans of the Boston Bruins had better get used to not seeing forward Matthew Poitras for the remainder of the 2023-24 season.

Minutes ago, it was announced by the Bruins that he's undergone a surgical procedure known as right shoulder open stabilization, and that he'll be unavailable to play for at least the next five months. 

The following statement was released by Bruins Medical Director Dr. Peter Asnis:

“Matthew Poitras underwent a successful right shoulder open stabilization (Latarjet) procedure today, February 7. The surgery was performed by Dr. Thomas Holovacs at Massachusetts General Brigham Hospital. The expected recovery time is approximately five months.”

Bruins general manager Don Sweeney released the following statement: 

“Matt has been an important part of our team’s success thus far, and he will be missed. Our medical staff made the recommendation for Matt to proceed with the surgery rather than continue playing with an unstable shoulder and risking further damage. Everyone involved supported the decision as to do what was best for him at this time. Matt is just starting his Bruins career and is a key part of our future.”

Poitras has played in 33 out of Boston’s initial 49 games this season, accumulating five goals and 10 assists for a total of 15 points. On average, he spends 13 minutes and 24 seconds on the ice per game.

Best wishes to Poitras on a speedy recovery and that he can come back stronger next season.

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Source: Twitter