Bruins star forward manages the impossible while playing with foul virus!

This is incredible!

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We mean come on. Personally, when I feel sick, there is no way I could manage to lace up the skates and head to play a National Hockey League game. Especially in China! The Boston Bruins and Calgary Flames played the second of two games at the Cadillac Arena in Beijing on Wednesday morning, and one player was not feeling all that way. 

Bruins star forward Jake DeBrusk was said to be ill, battling a stomach virus during the contest. It was reported a few times that the poor 21-year-old forward left the game in the second period, and did not return right away for the third one, because he was battling the virus. 

You can imagine what it means... And the poor kid probably had to undress, do his business, get hydrated and yes, he did manage to return to the game. Debrusk was not just in the game: the star forward scored two goals. 

Sportsnet's John Shannon noted that DeBrusk was missing at the start of the third period, despite scoring the first goal of the game. In the first period, no one could have guessed that DeBrusk was dealing with an upset stomach, as you can see with his great goal in the video above. 

After he returned to the ice, probably with an empty stomach, which was already quite upset, the star forward scored a second goal to give the Bruins the lead in the game. 

How could he manage to score two goals on a sick stomach? Could you manage to do so? If this is the type of mindset DeBrusk plans on brining to the team this upcoming season, Bruins fans will be ecstatic to see him go! Sounds promising, despite these gross details.

The Bruins won the second preseason game 3-1 over the Flames, thanks to DeBrusk's two sick goals... Get it? 

During the first contest between the two team, the Bruins managed to come out on top. Brad Marchand and DeBrusk scored in the shootout to lead the Bruins to a 4-3 win over the Flames in the NHL exhibition season-opener on Saturday in Shenzhen, China. This is the second year the NHL has played exhibition games in China. The Los Angeles Kings and Vancouver Canucks made the trip last season.