Bruins star Patrice Bergeron comments on Pastrnak contract drama.

Another Bruins player speaks out.

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The Boston Bruins continue to be surrounded by drama centered in and around star forward David Pastrnak and their failure to sign him to a new long-term deal, and now Pastrnak's teammates are beginning to speak out. 

This week none other than Patrice Bergeron, by all accounts one of the most respected members of the roster, has commented on the negotiations, and while it was clear he was hoping this would be over already, he still sounds optimistic that general manager Don Sweeney will find a way to get the deal done.

“It’s one of those [things] where I’m still optimistic and positive," said Bergeron as per Bruins insider Joe Haggerty. "It’s a situation where it’s up to them to figure it out and I leave it up to Don [Sweeney],” said Bergeron, after finishing off a 45-minute skate. “At the same time I think David [Pastrnak] is a young player that wants to be here, and that wants to be a part of the solution with us and wants to win.

“I guess I’m not necessarily worried about the situation going too long. I certainly wish that it could be done soon, but that being said I can’t really take a position on that. I’m going to leave it up to David and his agent, and Don [Sweeney] to figure this one out.”

Fans in Boston however may not have as much faith in Sweeney, and seemingly even less faith in owner Jeremy Jacobs who has received a great deal of criticism regarding the failure to sign Pastrnak thus far. 

To be fair to Jacobs, there has yet to be any solid information suggesting that he is the cause of this problem. That being said, considering how much money Pastrnak is set to earn on his next deal, we have no doubt he is very much involved in the process.