Bruins unsastified with one their player, send him straight to East Coast League!

Tough pill to swallow!

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The Boston Bruins can count on one of the best goaltender in the entire NHL. Tuukka Rask is a name highlighted on every coach's board when their team is facing the B's. Unfortunatly for Boston, he can't play them all and they have to rely on their back-up plans : Malcom Subban, Anton Khudobin and Zane McIntyre.

The latter has been shaky at best so far with a 4.04 Goal Against Average and a .859 save percentage. Being winless in 3 starts and posting those numbers will surely grab the attention of your General Manager, for all the wrong reasons...

Zane McIntyre has been sent down today... to the East Coast League !

The Bruins have depth at the goaltending position and having Malcom Subban as the starter in Providence means little to no workload for McIntyre who is set the be the starting goaltender with the Gwenneth Gladiators. Hopefully for him, he should have another shot at the NHL sooner than later.

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