Brutal assessment of Pierre Dorion emerges and has to be gut-wrenching for the former GM

Brutal assessment of Pierre Dorion emerges and has to be gut-wrenching for the former GM

He was just fired, and now this:



Could the day get any worse for Pierre Dorion? Well it did when Brent Wallace on today’s Coming in Hot revealed:

“There’s not one player that’s left Ottawa that I know of, that I’ve spoken to, that has had a good thing to say about Pierre Dorion.”

This is the assessment that’s coming out just hours after Dorion resigned from his role as general manager of the Ottawa Senators just after the NHL announced that that the Senators have to forfeit a first-round pick as a result of punishment stemming from their 2021 trade that sent Evgenii Dadonov to the Vegas Golden Knights and subsequent, invalidated trade that would have sent the forward to the Anaheim Ducks in March 2022. 

At this point in the season, the Senators have decided to give the reins to president of hockey operations Steve Staios, who will take over as interim general manager for the time being.

Dorion is out, but he keeps trending as fans blame him for bad choices, not only when it comes to the aborted Dadonov trade, but also when we look at the cap situation and Shane Pinto’s 41-game suspension.

Dorion had been the general manager in Ottawa for the past eight seasons when, on April 10, 2016, Bryan Murray announced that he would be stepping down as the Senators’ general manager and that Dorion would succeed him. He was the seventh-longest tenured GM in the league at the time of his dismissal.

And it sure sounds like players aren’t going to miss him. While none of the players are being identified in the comments made by Wallace, the host is big in Ottawa and is most likely telling the truth about what he’s heard from former players who have had to deal with Dorion.

We can’t say what the future holds for Dorion or if he’ll get the chance at another management job in the NHL, but he might want to take the time to improve his game before he does…

As for the Senators, some candidates have emerged to take over in Ottawa, including Peter Chiarelli, former Boston Bruins and Edmonton Oilers GM and Mathieu Darche, who currently serving as the director of hockey operations for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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