Brutal bone crunching hit leaves player knocked out cold.

Killer hit leaves player out cold for several minutes.

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Man this hit looked like it might have knocked his soul right out of his body.

Late last week Minnesota's Tommy Novak was absolutely destroyed by a hit from Eddie Wittchow of Wisconsin, it was an illegal hit to the head, and while Wittchow was ejected from the game as a result, that did nothing to mitigate the damage that had already been done. Novak lay motionless on the ice for several long minutes, and while he was eventually able to sit up and skate off, he needed some help to do so.

There's no doubt that the point of contact was the head, and there's no doubt Wittchow deserved his major and game misconduct, however Novak did not do himself any favors by having his head way down, and almost appeared to lean into the impact, likely what caused such a severe impact.

Here's the video.