Brutal call pushes Bruins’ fans to throw beer cans on the ice!

Brutal call pushes Bruins’ fans to throw beer cans on the ice!

Wow! Getting dangerous in Boston.

Chris Gosselin

I am not a Bruins’ fans, but I have to agree with the crowd in Boston that the call on forward Jakub Lauko wasn’t right.
In the third period, after a disappointing effort from the Bruins who were booed off the ice by their own local fanbase, things only got worse when Lauko was penalized for Interference on Panthers goalie Sergei Bobrovsky.

However, on the play, it is clear that Florida defenseman Aaron Ekblad threw Lauko off balance, but no call was made on him.

Fans were fed up and immediately started chanting “Ref, you suck” though some fans took it a bit too far.

Some started throwing things on the ice after Florida did not receive a penalty, and some objects were quite dangerous as full beer cans, bottles and water bottles were thrown on the ice.

The game was delayed as the clean up crew had to pick up the litter, while some fans still kept throwing objects on the ice. 

While the Panthers scored on the ensuing power play, the Bruins got a man advantage moments later and managed to score their first tally of the contest. Lauko, who was just out of the penalty box, recorded the first playoff goal of his career. 

I can understand the frustration, but come on Boston, stay classy. 

More to come.

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