Brutal clash at center ice after 2 players leave the penalty box.

Brutal clash at center ice after 2 players leave the penalty box.

Even the officials on the ice couldn't pull these two furious hockey players apart.

Jonathan Larivee

A video from a collegiate hockey game between the Alaska Nanooks and Arizona State Sun Devils is quickly going viral and for good reason. In the clip both Tucker Ness, a 21 year old defenseman for Arizona State University, and Dawson Bruneski, a 24 year old defenseman for University of Alaska-Fairbanks, can be seen trying to outright destroy one another at center ice.

Both men were jawing back and forth when they were inside of the penalty box and when both men came storming out of the box there was no question about what was coming next. Much to the delight of fans in attendance who were roaring at the spectacle, both men went all out trying to take out their opponent.

At one point one of the officials on the ice attempted to intervene, but the players simply threw him off and continued their fight at center ice uncontested from that point on.

Here's a look at the fight from the crowd:

And here it is again from the other side:

A look from nearly within the penalty box itself:

Miles B Jordan was on hand and snapped some truly incredible photographs of the battle:

What an incredible show put on by both of these brave warriors, with those of us who get to watch the spectacle emerging as the real winners in this one.