Brutal Connor McDavid rumour emerges as Oilers’ playoff hopes hang in the balance!  

Brutal Connor McDavid rumour emerges as Oilers’ playoff hopes hang in the balance!

The Oilers lost to the Canucks in Game 5 and trail the second round series 3-2.

Chris Gosselin

The Edmonton Oilers are on the brink of elimination as they head back home for Game 6 on Saturday. While most trade rumours have surrounded forward Leon Draisaitl, especially if the Oilers fail to reach the Stanley Cup Final, Caleb Kerney of the Hockey News reveals that captain Connor McDavid’s future in Edmonton could also be in jeopardy.

At the end of the 20240-25 season, Draisaitl will become an unrestricted free agent and will command a significant raise. Many pundits wonder if he will be traded out of Edmonton as recent trade chatter has linked him not only to the Boston Bruins, but the San Jose Sharks as well. In California, Draisaitl could become the face of the franchise and get a massive contract.

However, rumours may be more focused on Draisaitl, it sounds like we should not forget about McDavid and his impatience to win a championship. That’s pretty much the only did he hasn’t done, win a Stanley Cup, and frankly, he’s not responsible for that : Oilers’ management is.

The captain is under contract, along with Evander Kane, until the 2026-27 season with an AAV of $12.5 million per season. He made a significant sacrifice in taking a pay cut on his last deal as he wanted to get the Oilers ge better overall. But if they lose to Vancouver and get eliminated from the postseason, what next?

The Oilers would land a monster return that could speed up a drastic makeover from top to bottom, even in their prospect pool. Some fans will scream that it is impossible for McDavid to get traded, but let’s not forget how he wouldn’t be the first Oilers’ superstar to be shipped out by the team. Wayne Gretzky anyone?

McDavid looked miserable doing his post-game interview on Thursday and it is clear how tired of losing at the most crucial parts of the season he is.

If the Oilers come to the end of the road on Saturday night, will it also be for McDavid in Edmonton?

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