Bryan Rust drives Calvin Pickard into his own net.

Bryan Rust drives Calvin Pickard into his own net.

The Pittsburgh Penguins forward steamrolled the Edmonton Oilers backup goaltender on Sunday.

Jonathan Larivee

The Edmonton Oilers have lost their backup goaltender for the time being.

The National Hockey League's concussion spotters have taken Oilers goaltender Calvin Pickard out of a Sunday afternoon game between the Oilers and Pittsburgh Penguins. Pickard has been pulled from the game as a result of a collision that occurred late in the second period, one that saw Penguins forward Bryan Rust steamrolling Pickard into his own net.

It didn't look as though Rust had any ill intent, and may very well have been rusty in his first game back after a long layoff, but he did fail to stop on time and clearly made contact with Pickard, resulting in the Oilers goalie laying flat on his back inside of his own net.

Rust would be awarded a 2 minute minor on the play, but the hit on Pickard would result in the Oilers having to make a goaltending swap as the NHL's safety protocols kicked in. Pickard may not have done himself any favors in that regard by perhaps overselling the contact with Rust a little too much.

Pickard could very well return to the game, but it is too early to tell at this time.