Buffalo's Dylan Cozens publicly rips his Sabres teammates

Does he have a point, though?



The Buffalo Sabres have not had the kind of season that many were predicting them to have thus far in the 2023-24 season - but then again, that's why you play the games on the ice instead of on paper. Just ask the Boston Bruins, who were expected to finally take a major step backwards and yet lead the Atlantic Division as they did all last year. 

The Sabres suffered their 12th regulation loss last night against the Carolina Hurricanes, and things aren't looking much better right now at home against the Nashville Predators, who currently hold a 2-0 lead after 20 minutes of play at KeyBank Centre. 

And it was Dylan Cozens who expressed his frustration with what he believes to be how easy a time that Buffalo's opponents have playing them this year.

"I think we definitely play way too soft. We're too easy to play against and we need to get a little 'FU' in our game," he said. "I think we had more of that last year. We're way too soft this year. I feel like we don't kill plays. We kind of get bullied and stuff and we know we need to be way harder to play against. We're too easy to play against right now."

It doesn't help Buffalo's case right now that they're without forward Tage Thompson, who terrorized opposition goaltenders last year with 47 goals scored, but was on pace to reach only 31 over a full 82 game season prior to his injury. 

Are the Sabres in fact too easy to play against? Right now, they're second-to-last in the Atlantic Division, ahead of only the Ottawa Senators.

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Source: Sportsnet