Buzzer full line brawl between Panthers and Hurricanes!

Buzzer full line brawl between Panthers and Hurricanes!

Even goalie Pyotr Kochetkov gets in the mix!



It was a tight and intense game between the visiting Florida Panthers and the Carolina Hurricanes. That’s probably why the players did not feel they had enough of the 60 minutes to settle the score and went into fighting mode at the buzzer.

The game was still tied at 0 when, with less than 20 seconds left, Hurricanes star forward Sebastian Aho found the back of the net to get the win for his team.

I can only assume the Panthers were already getting set on overtime, and quickly had to change gears to get in full brawl mode at the buzzer.

As you’ll see in the video below, some Panthers players on the ice got angry at defenseman Brett Pesce near the Carolina bench, which seemed to entice Brandon Montour to call them out, wanting to fight the full roster. Everyone on the ice got into it, while all officials attempted to break the scrum apart.

Even Hurricanes goalie Pyotr Kochetkov, who recorded a shutout, got in the mix, looking to protect and defend his teammates while the local crowd was going wild.

Once players were separated and sent their way, it took quite a while for the Panthers to get off the ice and back into their dressing room.

It sure looks like next game between the two clubs will be fun. It takes place on March 14 in Carolina, and I will note this one down on my calendar.

Can you imagine what it’d be like if the Panthers and Hurricanes meet up during the postseason?

I wouldn’t say no to that matchup!

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