Bye Week: Blashill under fire after comments about his team

Nothing to reassure the fans!

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Blashill under fire after comments about his team

It’s “Bye Week” time for the Detroit Red Wings. While the players might take this time to rest a little bit before the last stretch of the season, the management team will certainly think of a strategy as the trade deadline is next week. What is the plan for Blashill to make sure his players will be battling until the end of the season? The answer might surprise you as Blashill has no idea what to do:

We’ll try to research it a little bit,” Blashill said. “I haven’t really thought about it until now. I don’t think there’s s magic plan. We’ll have to figure out the right approach with the right type of practice. What will our pregame skate be? You can’t make up for five days with a pregame skate and one practice, so we have to be careful there. We’ll have to have a lot of energy in Vancouver. We’ll have to make sure we’re ready to win a hockey game.” as reported by Ted Kulfan.

How can the players be ready to win hockey games if the coach doesn’t even have a clear plan?