Byfuglien surprises local bar-goers on New Year’s Eve, after a long day of ice fishing

This is may be the most “Winnipeg” story you’ll ever read.

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What do you do when you’re an NHL star, you’re worth millions of dollars and it’s New Year’s Eve? Do you go all out, dressed to the nines and party like it’s the biggest night of the year? Well… if you’re Winnipeg Jets defenseman Dustin Byfuglien, you go ice fishing… then maybe pop in for a beer or two on the way home.

That’s exactly how Byfuglien celebrated New Year’s 2019 at the Petersfield Motor Inn bar about an hour north of Winnipeg. According to Global News in Winnipeg, Byfuglien, “dropped by to enjoy a couple beers with fans after a day of ice fishing on Netley Creek, just minutes north of the town.”

“When he first walked in we were sitting right by the door, and my boyfriend said ‘Hey, there’s Big Buff!'” said Leslie Meek, who was at the bar the night of Byfuglien’s surprise appearance.

“(Byfuglien) just looked at him and went ‘shhhh’.”

Meek said it’s not the first time “Big Buff” has been spotted hanging out with the locals in Petersfield.

“We saw him here a couple of years ago, I have a Byfuglien jersey and he signed it for me. He’s a really down-to-earth guy,” she continued.

Byfuglien has been out of the Jets’ lineup since December 28th after suffering an ankle injury and is projected to be out for at least another couple weeks. The 33 year old blue liner has four goals and 29 points in 32 games for the Jets this season.