Calen Addison ejected after going off on NHL referee.

Calen Addison ejected after going off on NHL referee.

Calen Addison wasn't having it on Saturday night, unloading on the NHL officials after what he felt was a bad call.

Jonathan Larivee

Calen Addison is going to be fuming after this one.

The San Jose Sharks defenseman clashed with the National Hockey League's officials on Saturday night and, as is always the case, he unfortunately came out on the losing end of that exchange.

The trouble started for Addison after he was awarded a 2 minute minor penalty, a penalty that he clearly felt he had not earned. There was no question that Addison had delivered the cross check that led to the call being made, but in spite of that Addison took it upon himself to give the officials a piece of his mind.

Unfortunately we couldn't hear what would lead to Addison being ejected from the game, but the Sharks defenseman, and his choice of vocabulary, didn't exactly make it too difficult to read his lips.

Addison's outburst would cost his team as the 23 year old defenseman would not only earn his original 2 minute minor for cross checking, but would also see an additional 2 minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct, a 10 minute misconduct, and a game misconduct all added on top the original call.