Calen Addison tries to bully Connor Bedard, doesn't end well.

Calen Addison tries to bully Connor Bedard, doesn't end well.

Calen Addison tried to bully the Chicago Blackhawks star forward, but one of his teammates wasn't having it.

Jonathan Larivee

San Jose Sharks defenseman Calen Addison may have just learned the hard way that there are some lines not to be crossed when it comes to Chicago Blackhawks superstar Connor Bedard.

On Sunday night, Addison did his best to bully Bedard when he delivered a cross check to Bedard's lower back before effectively sitting on top of him and pinning him down to the ice. It was a little strange to see an NHL star manhandled in such a manner and for such a length of time, but it wouldn't be long before the Blackhawks dealt out their own measure of punishment.

It is unclear when exactly Blackhawks forward Tyler Johnson noticed what was happening behind the play, but when he did he skated over and made Addison pay by delivering a spear to his midsection. Spears can be pretty dangerous, but it was clear that Johnson was furious at what he was witnessing on the ice and I don't think in the moment he was overly concerned about Addison's well being.

While many of us can certainly understand why an experienced veteran player like Johnson would feel compelled to protect his much younger teammate, it remains to be seen if the National Hockey League will be as understanding of Johnson's actions on this night.